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5 Best Motorcycle Pants

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best motorcycle pants

Motorcycle pants are essential gear for all the riders out there. They keep your legs safe and prevent severe injuries during a crash.

Experiencing a crash without wearing motorcycle pants can result in you getting hurt badly and unable to ride for several weeks or even months.

If you are looking for the best motorcycle pants, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 5 best motorcycle pants in detail.

Now, you only have to go through our list and choose the best motorcycle pants for yourself as we have selected the best options for you.

1. Alpinestars Men’s Missile v2 Airflow Motorcycle Riding Pants

Alpinestars Motorcycle Riding Pants

Alpinestars is our number one choice for the best motorcycle pants. These pants are made with premium leather offering extreme durability. The main chassis is constructed with 1 mm genuine bovine leather that enhances its durability even more.

We like these motorcycle pants the most because they feature accordion leather stretch zones above the knee. It helps in improving the flexibility of the pants and ensures maximum comfort. It also includes a high-density perforation panel position on the thigh.

Moreover, extended high rear waist construction offers you more generous overlap if you are also riding with a jacket. In fact, for improved fit and comfortable feel, Alpinestars included extensive stretch panels.

Hence, Alpinestars transcends its competitors in every aspect. However, one thing that might be the downside of these motorcycle pants is that they are more expensive than other pants. So, if you have a flexible budget, then these are the best option for you.

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Alpinestars Men's Missile v2 Airflow Motorcycle Riding Pant, Black, 54
  • Durable premium leather main chassis constructed from 1. mm genuine bovine leather.
  • Extensive high-density perforation panel strategically positioned on thigh.
  • Accordion leather stretch zones above the knee offer improved flexibility.
  • Extended high rear waist construction provides greater overlap with the riding jacket.
  • Extensive stretch panels on calf and crotch area for improved fit and feel.
  • Premium leather construction
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Available in different sizes
  • Expensive

2. MAXLER JEAN Motorcycle Riding Pants

MAXLER Motorcycle Riding Pants

Maxler Jean is a famous brand known for its high quality and versatile motorcycle pants. They include flexible spandex fabric (14oz Denim) construction, offering you comfortable wear.

It features a zipper on the thigh that functions as an air vent mesh and attachable knee protectors. Not just that, you can adjust the knee protectors according to your height. On the other hand, the calf zipper is also there to stabilize the knee protectors while riding on a motorcycle.

Another exciting thing about these jeans motorcycle pants is that you can wear them as casual jeans. The attachable knee protectors allow you to do so.

There are a variety of exciting colors available in these pants.  Also, the pants are manufactured according to Korean standard body measurements. Therefore, be careful when selecting the size.

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MAXLER JEAN Biker Jeans for women - Slim Straight Fit Motorcycle Riding Pants, 607 Blue (Size 34)
  • Outshell: Comfortable wear from flexible spandex fabric. (14oz DENIM)
  • Design: Thigh zipper functionalizes as the attachable knee protectors and an air vent mesh. Knee protectors are adjustable depending on your height.
  • Fit: Slim fit of the jeans provides a fashionable look to the riders in daily life
  • Style: Attachable knee protectors allow the riders to wear the jeans as a casual jeans in daily life.
  • Attention: This product is manufactured in South Korea for Korean's standard body measurements. Please, check the size chart before making your purchase. If you have bigger proportions in the leg area, please order one size bigger than usual for better fitting.
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Attachable knee protectors
  • Thick yet stretchable denim
  • Inconsistent sizing

3. HWK Motorcycle Pants For Men

HWK Motorcycle Riding Pants

HWK is another popular brand among bikers for making one of the best motorcycle gears. These motorcycle pants are another example of HWK’s precision and quality. They are constructed using 600D Cordura textile, making them durable and comfortable.

Want to know the best part? HWK offers you a lifetime warranty for these pants. It means that you can always replace the pants if anything goes wrong.

HWK provides these pants with removable protective CE armor. The padded armors are available in the knee and hip sections and come with 1000D polyester Cordura stitching.

Another attractive feature of these pants is that they are both waterproof and windproof. Moreover, it also features 5H Scotchlite reflective piping for enhanced visibility.

It gets even better as it includes 3-way Velcro adjustments, allowing you to fit the pants according to your comfort.

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HWK Motorcycle Pants for Men with Weatherproof Cordura Textile Fabric for Enduro Motocross Motorbike Riding and Armor for Impact Protection, Dual Sport Motorcycle Pants with 36"-38" Waist, 32" Inseam
  • 600D CORDURA TEXTILE: Extremely optimal motorcycle riding pants with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! These ALL-PURPOSE daily-use HWK pants can also be used as tactical pants, work pants and cargo pants for men that will serve you for a lifetime, if anything goes wrong just message us for a replacement
  • PROTECTIVE CE ARMORED (REMOVABLE): KNEES & HIP padded armor included with 1000D polyester cordura stitched on impact areas motorbike pants
  • Use Confidently. Motorcycle overpants with a micro mesh fabric, Reissa waterproof membrane, and airflow pockets keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Great for every weather and season
  • High Visibility. 5H Scotchlite reflective piping and logos plus silver-white stitching stand out against the black waterproof pants and keep the rider noticeable in dark and low-visibility conditions
  • Connect Securely. A waist connection zipper allows riders to secure their Hawk motorcycle jacket, stopping it from sliding up during rides. Ankle zips let them wear their pants over motorcycle boots
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wind and waterproof
  • 3-way Velcro adjustments
  • Not ideal for summertime

4. VNFOX Motorcycle Riding Pants

Men's Motorcycle Riding Pants Denim Jeans Protect Pads Equipment with

HWK might not be the ideal pair of pants to wear during summer, but VNFOX motorcycle pants are. Here’s another recommendation from VNFOX, demonstrating their versatility and precision.

Similar to the first VNFOX, these motorcycle pants are also made with the same material (Denim 14oz). It also comes with a thigh zipper that functions as both knee protectors and air vent mesh.

The features and style are also pretty much similar to the above Maxler Jean motorcycle pants. You can adjust the knee protectors depending on your height. You can wear these pants as casual jeans and calf zippers to stabilize the knee protector.

The highlighting part about these motorcycle pants is that they are made for summer. You can wear them on hot days without feeling the need to remove them and jump into the pool.

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Men's Motorcycle Riding Pants Denim Jeans Protect Pads Equipment with Knee and Hip Armor Pads VES6 (Army Green, S=28)
  • MATERIAL & SIZE:14oz Denim Cloth,97% Cotton + 3% Spandex. According to buyer feedback, the size of the green S is too small. If your reference size is in the S-M range, we recommend that you choose an M size to ensure a fit.
  • FASHION DESIGN: This style of motorcycle pants looks very fashionable. Two pockets are added to the outside of the thigh. The whole trousers have up to 6 pockets, so you don't have to worry about no place for storage.
  • PROTECTIVE GEAR & SAFETY: EU CE EN1621-1 1997 Motorcycle Protection Equipment Certification,Include 1 x Jeans & 2 x Knee Pads & 2 x Hip Protect Pads,Remove the protective gear can be used as daily jeans, the device protective gear can protect the knees and hips of the body from accidental injuries.
  • PROTECTOR ARMOUR:Detachable 2 x Hip & 2 x Knee protection module suitable for motorcycle and outdoor competition use
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES: This windproof and anti-fall motorcycle riding jeans can provide protection for outdoor cycling sports such as motocross, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, bicycles, and pedal electric vehicles. The hip and knee arror pads are further enhanced for important protection.
  • Comfortable and flexible wear
  • Ideal for summers
  • Attachable knee protectors
  • Inconsistent sizing

5. John Doe Stroker Cargo XTM Motorcycle pants

John Doe Motorcycle pants

John Doe motorcycle pants are our last recommendation and a worthy one. These pants are made with Kevlar from DuPont, offering it maximum quality. The combination of Coolmax fibers and Lycra provides it with the perfect balance between wearing comfort and protection.

What we liked most about these motorcycle pants is that they offer optimal protection from wind when you are riding at high speed. Not just that, they don’t lose their breathability and remain comfortable.

Want to know more? These pants come with extra protectors to provide you with additional protection for elbows, shoulders, and back.

Another good thing about these pants is that they include a water-repellent and dirt-resistant coating. Hence, you will have no problem in a rain shower or dirt.

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John Doe Stroker Cargo XTM Motorcycle Pants Strech with Protectors Black 33/30
  • ABRASION PROTECTION - Enhanced with our XTM Fiber, our Stroker Cargo Pants are explicitly designed for motorcycling. The Stroker Cargo Pants come in a two-layer design consisting of stretch denim twill as well as the XTM Fiber and thus achieve the perfect balance between PROTECTION and COMFORT.
  • PERFECT WEARING COMFORT - Our Cargo Pants ensure optimal rider PROTECTION from wind even at higher speeds. At the same time, remaining BREATHABLE and therefore always comfortable to wear.
  • WATER REPELLENT - A small rain shower and some dirt will no longer ruin the whole tour. These products are specially coated against dirt and water.
  • AFTER WASHING - Machine wash cold with like colors. To renew the WATER repellent protection after washing, iron after drying from the outside.
  • XTM PROTECTOR READY - Level 1 knee and hip protectors included - CE certification, AA (EN 17092-3:2020)
  • Includes abrasion protection
  • Water-rejecting
  • Additional protectors included
  • Low comfort

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Motorcycle Pants

best motorcycle pants

There are a few factors that you need to consider when shopping for motorcycle pants.

Below we have mentioned those key factors. They will assist you in your selection so that you buy the right pair of pants for yourself. They are as follow:

  1. Motorcycle Pants Vs. Other Pants:

The first thing that you need to understand is what makes motorcycle pants. The primary difference between your motorcycle pants and other pants is safety—the dangers of motorcycle riding, like falling, result in serious wounds.

Anything deemed as motorcycle pants should have some sort of material or design that will have abrasion-resistant effects (for ex. back, hips, and knees). Most pants would have protective padding armors as well.

Generally, motorcycle pants are made with robust materials rather than casual wear, including durable textiles and leather. Moreover, they should have a more robust design, in particular, to avoid seam splitting during a slide.

Motorcycle pants that are specifically designed for high-speed riding or touring. They will come with material and features that will assist you in any weather condition. Such pants also include zipper vents or Gore-Tex lining capable of dealing with a crash.

  1. Abrasion and Tear Resistant:

The second most crucial factor you must consider is whether the motorcycle pants are abrasion and tear-resistant or not. Unfortunately, if you ever get into a crash, this factor can be a lifesaver.

Motorcycle pants are mainly designed to protect you from severe injuries when sliding. So, if you are buying pants that are not abrasion and tear-resistant, then you are making a big mistake.

Considering this factor, we have listed the pants that will provide you with this feature.

  1. Construction:

The two primary materials used for the construction of motorcycle pants are textile and leather. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but the most important thing is that both can hold up in a crash.

Below we made a small comparison between the two so that you can understand better.

  • Comfort: When you talk about comfort, it depends on your personal preference. Both materials can be comfortable to wear. However, leather is a bit heavy and includes less breathability. In contrast, the textile is light, more breathable, stiff, and heavy.
  • Cost: Textile motorcycle pants are cheaper than leather ones. But when you talk about the durability and longer life span, then a good quality leather motorcycle is the best choice.
  • Maintenance: Leather pants need special care and maintenance. On the other hand, textile pants can be washed easily.
  • Weather: If you live in an area with variable weather conditions, then textile pants are your best choice. Textile pants include vents for hot days, liners for cold and water-resistant material that will keep you dry during rain.
  • Protection: If you need more protection, then leather has a clear edge over the textile. Motorcycle pants made with leather are more abrasion resistant and will easily handle friction instead of melting like textile.
  1. Perfect Fit:

Lastly, you need to find motorcycle pants that perfectly fit you. You shouldn’t buy too tight or too loose pants as in both cases you will face some problems. Find your ideal size that is comfortable to wear.

Benefits of Motorcycle Pants

  • Protection. If you’re not wearing the right equipment when you ride, you can get severe injuries if you crash. The motorcycle jeans will protect your legs in case of an accident and have abrasion resistance qualities.
  • Style. Denim motorcycle jeans look good on most persons, and you can easily wear them almost anywhere. They are similar to regular jeans and are very versatile in any combination of clothes.
  • Durability. It’s not that hard to tear a hole in a regular pair of jeans, particularly if you slide across the asphalt. Motorcycle pants are much more durable due to reinforced material and lining.

What to look for

  • 12 oz. or heavier denim
  • Abrasion-resistant material layered or woven in (i.e., Kevlar or other aramid fiber)
  • Reinforced knees, hip, and seat area
  • Double or triple stitching with strong thread
  • Memory foam inserts for impact absorption
  • Flexible armor in knees and hips
  • Flex-panels for comfort around knees or waist

Features of Motorcycle Pants / Jeans

  • Waterproof and windproof protection
  • Reflective tabs/stripes/piping for visibility
  • Reinforced knee panels for impact
  • Abrasion-resistant materials such as Cordura, Kevlar, and Ballistic Nylon
  • Street/sport, touring, or track fit
  • Removable armor at the hips and knees
  • Accordion panels above the knees for a comfortable fit while in a riding position
  • Connection zippers for your jacket
  • Zippers offering ventilation
  • Full-length zippers from hip to toe
  • Access pockets 

Care and Washing

The first thing you need to do is to check the label for any maintenance guidelines. Act according to these guidelines to avoid any possible damage due to improper maintenance and care.

If you don’t find any, you should play it safe. In other words, don’t use any harsh chemicals because those can damage the material and structure.

However, don’t want to wash them too frequently either. Each washing will take some of the dye, so you’re essentially shortening the pants’ life.

Nonetheless, you should wash them now and then, depending on how often you use them and for what type of riding. Here are some essential tips:

Consult the label to check for any special instructions on how to clean the pants properly.

Don’t forget to check all the pockets, detachable parts, and armor. This is critical because a paper tissue in your back pocket can ruin your pants once wet.

Turn the jeans inside out to prevent dye from fading.

Wash only on a gentle cycle and don’t go over 30 degrees or use a fabric softener.

Don’t put them in a dryer because you could damage the fabric. Instead, air-dry them for as long as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need motorcycle pants?

Many people ask if motorcycle pants are essential, and the short answer is no. You don’t need to wear motorcycle pants, but they are highly beneficial. You’re likely to regret going without them if you do get into an accident.

They go a long way to protect you if an accident does happen. Plus, other great benefits like protecting you from the elements such as cold, wind, and rain.

What Are Motorcycle Pants Made Of?

If you’re wondering why not take regular jeans and ride with them, or What is so particular about these motorbike jeans?

Well, this is what you need to know about these pants. To start with, they are mostly are of leather and textile. This is for durability and waterproofness.

Just like the jackets, the pants are also fitted with armor. It is done mostly on immensely impacted areas, like the knee and hip.

Such padding helps in ensuring that injuries during an accident are as minimal as possible. In some cases, the armor may be reinforced with carbon fiber that acts as an extra protection feature.

What size motorcycle pants should I choose?

Motorcycle pants tend to fit a fair bit different than most other types of pants. You shouldn’t just buy motorcycle pants in the same size of pants that you usually wear.

Instead, you should use the specific manufacturer’s instructions for measuring yourself for the right size of motorcycle pants.

Do motorcycle jeans come with knee and hip pads?

Some motorcycle jeans only come with Kevlar reinforcement. Others have armor and padding included. Some brands have pockets designed for armor, but you need to purchase the armor separately.

Are motorcycle jeans breathable?

Motorcycle jeans with armor are a little bit heavier than regular jeans. For maximum comfort, find a pair with a mesh lining, which will help keep you cooler.

Should motorcycle pants go over jeans?

Covering your body in motorcycle gear is crucial for your safety and comfort. While riding at high speeds, you will want your clothes to keep the wind at bay. In case of a crash, you need to get as much protection as possible.

That being said, an item like motorcycle pants should go over a base layer, or they won’t be comfortable.

Although it’s not impossible, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Jeans are bulky, and you need to consider buying motorcycle pants that are one or two sizes larger.

Jeans are designed with rivets and seams that won’t feel good if you wear them under your motorcycle pants. It’s all a matter of choice. Using jeans as a base layer is not a good idea.

Are leather motorbike trousers hot?

Honestly, they’re not that bad. On scorching days, any of your motorcycle gear is hot. Still, you’d be more comfortable in leathers than you would in textiles.

It’s better if you have lots of zipped vents, which will allow lots of air in. If you like being hot, don’t wear Kevlar motorcycle jeans on a hot day: you’ll bake.

How vital are motorcycle pants?

When it comes to motorcycle gear, many riders spend lots of time comparing various helmets and deciding which one is good for them.

The same goes for finding a quality jacket and a good pair of gloves. Unfortunately, motorcycle pants seem to fall most of the time, the last ones on the list.

If you were to fall off, the odds are that you will land on your knees, and the legs will suffer the outcome. You can get bruises, scrapes, or worse.

Good motorcycle pants can protect your legs and the lower part of your body against such injuries. They offer other benefits, such as waterproofing and the kind of flexibility you don’t get from a pair of regular jeans.

Are leather motorcycle pants waterproof?

No, they can be rain repellant only. Most leather pants will withstand light rain with ease, but a prolonged downpour will saturate the leather and soak in. Once they’re wet, they take a very long time to dry.

Does anyone make Gore-Tex leather pants?

We couldn’t find any.

Can I upgrade the armor in my leather trousers?

The answer is most likely: yes. If your armor is removable, then you can buy any aftermarket armor and slot it in. Many jeans will come with knee armor, but many don’t have any hip armor.


With that being said, our review of the best motorcycle pants ends here. We hope that we successfully provided you with suitable options, and you must have found the perfect pair for yourself.

From the above list, the motorcycle pants that we like the most are Alpinestars Men’s Missile v2 Airflow Motorcycle Riding Pants. They are slightly more expensive than other options. Still, when you talk about the quality, construction, and features, it beats all competition.

Let us know what you think about the article as we really appreciate your feedback.

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