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5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

by We Drive
motorcycle helmet camera

If you are a bike enthusiast and love riding around on it, you must be equipped with a motorcycle helmet camera. It will document the exciting and thrilling experience for you so that you could relive the best moments.

Motorcycle helmet cameras are becoming popular among riders, and if you are searching for one for yourself, you are in the right place.

We did all the background research and listed the top 5 best motorcycle helmet cameras you can buy. All you need to do is go through the list and find yourself the best motorcycle helmet camera.

1. WonVon MT1 Motorcycle Helmet Camera

WonVon Motorcycle Camera

WonVon tops the list when you talk about the best motorcycle helmet camera. It offers you both front and rear recording at 1080p 30 fps.

The most attractive feature about it is super night vision. It uses SONY IMX 323 CMOS sensor, which allows it to record clearly during the day or night. Besides, it let you record while with a built-in microphone.

It’s a waterproof motorcycle helmet camera with 2.7 inches LCD monitor. Here’s the deal; it offers you three modes: front mode, rear mode, and both front and rear simultaneously.

Moreover, it incorporates G-sensor technology that automatically saves footage during a collision or shakes. Hence, there is no possibility of the original video being overwritten. These mouthwatering features make WonVon the best motorcycle helmet camera.

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  • Front and rear recording
  • Waterproof
  • G-sensor technology
  • The excessive cable can be a bit troublesome

2. VSYSTO Motorcycle Video Driving Recorder Dashcam

VSYSTO Motorcycle Camera

Next on the list is a separated dual-channel camera by VSYSTO. This a versatile set of cameras that you can use as both a dash camera and motorcycle helmet camera.

The best part about it is that the dashcam host is waterproof, while the front and rear cameras are water-resistant. Hence, you can always ride on your bike during rain and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

It features a 150° wide-angle lens that provides you with clear and wide visual scenes. Want to know more? It comes with a built-in WIFI module that enables easy connectivity of your camera to mobile so that you can download the recorded footage.

You are also promised a one-year warranty, which makes this motorcycle camera trustworthy and ultimately one of the best on this list.

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VSYSTO Motorcycle Video Driving Recorder No Screen Dash Cam 2 Channels Lens Front & Rear Dual 1080P Backup Camera with WiFi Night Vision G-Sensor Loop Recording
  • 🏍【Dual 1080P Cameras Recording and Great Night Vision】: Well made 1080P motorcycle dual cameras system can help you get relatively clear video in low light conditions and ensure your driving safety.
  • 🏍【Professional Waterproof Motorbike Dash Cam Cameras】: IP67 waterproof resistant for front and rear cameras. On rainy days, the excellent water resistance of the dash cameras will increase your cycling comfort and make your riding more convenient.
  • 🏍【Dedicated APP and WiFi Function】: The menu setting of the motorcycle dash cam is connected to your mobile phone by WiFi and the corresponding APP. This function is convenient for you to transfer the video to your mobile phone or tablet and watch the real-time video.
  • 🏍【Small Size and Easy to Install】: The main unit is small in size and will not occupy the space of the motorcycle. You can put the main unit under the seat without worrying about rain. The accessories are simple and easy to install, and it will can save your time. NOTE: The main unit of the dash cam is not waterproof.
  • 🏍【100% Quality and One Year After Sales Service】: We are a company that design and develop this motorcycle camera ourselves, we could help you solve most of question you would met. All our products are inspected before shipment and we offer you a one-year warranty.
  • One year warranty
  • Capture full HD videos at 30 fps
  • Ultrawide angle lens
  • Connectivity issues with Android phones

3. INNOVV K3 Dual Channel Motorcyle Motocam with WiFi, GPS and Parking Mode

INNOVV K3 Dual Channel Motorcyle Motocam with WiFi, GPS and Parking Mode

If you are looking for a motorcycle camera that can help you document the visual scene during harsh weather conditions, then you should consider buying INNOVV K3 Motocam.

It has a durable, water-resistant design ideal for rough conditions. The exciting feature of this motorcycle helmet camera is a safe parking mode. The parking mode is automatically integrated and monitors your motorcycle when you are not around.

INNOVV is one of the most user-friendly motorcycle helmet cameras. With the INNOVV app, you can quickly review the live recordings on your Apple or Android device.

Built-in GPS is another useful feature that logged-in in speed and location data in each video file. Hence, it’s a fully-loaded motorcycle helmet camera that has all the useful features you need. You will not be disappointed with buying it.

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INNOVV K3 Dual Channel Motorcyle Motocam with WiFi, GPS, Parking Mode and IP67 Water-Resistant (microSD Card not Included)
  • WATER RESISTANT DESIGN: A durable and efficient system for toughing out the harsh elements.
  • SMART PARKING MODE: The K3’s smart power supply module triggers parking mode automatically and monitors your motorcycle when you are away.
  • AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Review live recordings & toggle device settings using the INNOVV App for your Apple or Android Smart Devices.
  • EXPLORE, TRACK, AND SHARE: GPS tagging comes standard. Speed and location-data are logged in each video file.
  • FULL HD DUAL-CAMERA SYSTEM: The EXMOR R-CMOS sensor operates in wide dynamic range, and captures footage in FULL HD 1080P at 30fps.
  • User Friendly
  • A dual HD camera system
  • Water-resistant design
  • No SD Card

4. HaloCam M1 Motorcycle Recording Camera System

HolaCam Motorcycle Camera

If you want to deal with turning on/off batteries or adding tons of weight to your helmet, then you will love this motorcycle hamlet camera by HaloCam.

It offers you both front and rear video shooting in full HD resolution. It has SONY IMX323 CMOS to provide you with enhanced image quality in a dark light environment. Hence, to assist you in shooting video at night, it incorporates an F1.8 large aperture to capture 30% more light.

In addition, it offers you excellent Wi-Fi connectivity to connect your camera with the phone. Not just that, you can also share the video with your phone easily anytime and anywhere.

Halocam also includes a GPS antenna to keep you updated about your riding route. All these exciting features make Halocam one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras.

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Motorcycle Recording Camera System HaloCam M1, 1080P Dual Lens Dash Cam Dvr, Rear View Sports Action Camera, Waterproof Lens, Video Driving Recorder with WiFi&GPS, 2.7" LCD, 155 Degree Angle, 256G Max
  • Professional Motorcycle Dash Cam: Without having to deal with batteries, plug/unplug, turning on/off, getting dizzy of the large swing of the video, or adding tons of weight on your helmet. HaloCam has no relationship with Motowolf!! Celebrate independence day!
  • Dual Lenses Motorcycle Security Camera: Both front and rear 1080P Full-HD resolution video and photo shooting, SONY IMX323 CMOS to get overall enhancement of imaging performance in dark light environment, and 155 degree wide angle to cover multiple lanes
  • Be An Expert Not Only in Daytime: Enough light intake is the first step to ensure night imaging. HaloCam biker's camera is featured with F1.8 large aperture to capture 30% more light and provide you with super night vision
  • WiFi and App Controlled Biker Cam: Using the HaloCam Moto App to connect your phone with the camera easily via camera's WiFi, no phone data required, then you can view real-time video, download, edit(clip & add music), and share the video directly on your phone
  • Video Recorder w/GPS and Wired Control: GPS antenna provided for the riding route tracking; wired control not only help you lock one 15s video from the front lens, but also take 1 picture each of both lenses when emergency or impressive things happen
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Features super night vision
  • Snapshot button to start recording
  • The main module screen is not waterproof

5. VIOFO MT1 Motorcycle Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera

VIOFO Motorcycle Camera

VIOFO is our last pick on the list of best motorcycle helmet cameras. It offers you a 170° wide-angle dual recording, and it is an advanced camera that provides you with high-resolution HD video even in low light conditions.

The best part about it is that it is dust and water-resistant. It will perform perfectly, even in heavy rain and other harsh conditions. Other useful features include built-in Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity, remote control and auto turn on/off access, loop recording, clear night vision, super capacity, and more.

It can easily support up to 256 GB memory cards, and you also get a one year warranty for the camera.

Hence, it is worth investing in, and it will provide excellent value for your money.

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VIOFO MT1 Motorcycle Dash Cam Front and Rear 1080P Dual Channel Waterproof Motorbike Camera 170 Degree Angle, Built-in WiFi, GPS, G-Sensor, Waterproof, Auto On/Off, 32GB SD Card Included
  • 🏍【170° Wide Angle Dual Recording】Built-in Sony STARVIS Sensor on dual cameras, MT1 motorcycle dash cam captures every clear moment for front and rear road at 1080P 30pfs even in low light condition , 170° super wide angle lens reduces the blind spots and captures more details, to reserve the real scene.
  • 🏍【IP66 Water & Dust Resistant】Adopt effective IP66 class protection from water and dust, it still has good performance even in heavy rain and any other hard conditions. All the parts of the motorcycle dashcam and lens are waterproof.
  • 🏍【Built in Wi-Fi & GPS】Connect to VIOFO APP via Wi-Fi, easily to view real-time video, check GPS route, download video and change settings on your phone. GPS can log the current speed and location, also automatically correct the time by synchronizing with the satellite. Timestamp can be embedded in the video.
  • 🏍【Remote Control & Auto Turn On/Off】The remote control can start manual emergency recording and control Wi-Fi connection, it has a built-in microphone to realizes audio recording. The MT1 power cable has the ACC detection function to automatically start/stop when the engine is on/off, no need to manually open it, convenient and fast.
  • 🏍【Perfect Choice for Motorcycle】Clear night vision, special stealth design, emergency recording (G-sensor), loop recording, super capacitor, WDR, support up to 256GB memory card, one year warranty. MT1 is a perfect dash cam for your motorcycle.
  • Dual recording at 170° wide angle
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Auto Turn On/Off
  • Costly

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera

motorcycle helmet camera

Below we have mentioned a few key factors that you should consider when shopping for the best motorcycle helmet camera:

  • Reasons For Buying A Motorcycle Helmet Camera:

First, you need to ask yourself why you need a motorcycle helmet camera. There are a number of reasons that motorcycle helmet cameras are trending these days. It could be because of safety purposes.

Additionally, you love to travel around on bikes and want to document the whole experience, or you are working on a project that needs you to record the entire journey.

Knowing the reasoning of why you want to buy a motorcycle helmet camera will help you greatly in finding a camera that perfectly fits your needs.

  • Resolution and Frame Rate:

This is the most essential factor to consider when buying any sort of camera. You must check the resolution and frame rate of the camera. These specs will determine how good quality video a camera will record.

A high-resolution camera will provide you with more detailed and better image quality. Most motorcycle helmet cameras offer 780p and 1080p resolution, while the most advanced and expensive ones even record video at 4k resolution.

On the other hand, the higher the frame rate smoother the video will be. In fact, a high frame rate is also useful when you want to record a video in slow-mo. 30 fps is the standard rate among motorcycle helmet cameras.

Ultimately, it also depends on the first factor. If you need a motorcycle helmet camera for everyday recording, then 780p or 1080p is the best choice, and they are also affordable compared to a 4k one

  • Durability:

The durability of a motorcycle helmet camera is another significant factor. The cameras must withstand the road life and work well in rain and wind. Some models are specifically designed for harsh weather conditions.

In addition, even if you are traveling over very rough terrains, specific models can continue to provide you with high-quality images. You can also find models with a number of resistances. Basically, it depends on where you are planning to go, then choose accordingly.

  • Construction:

The next thing you need to consider is the size and shape of the camera. You should buy a camera that is compact, lightweight, and offers maximum portability.

A heavyweight camera can lead to a negative impact on your comfort during a long drive. It can cause you a headache or tension in the neck.

  • Stability:

It will ruin your mood when you sit to watch the recorded video after a long journey, and it’s shaky. Therefore, several models come with a gyroscope and accelerometer to provide the best video and stability.

You can look for an electronic image stabilization feature in a motorcycle helmet camera if you want the best quality video without shaky or blur images.

  • Other Important Features:

When you have considered all the above factors, here are some of the additional factors that you can look for in a motorcycle helmet camera.

  • Battery life a camera
  • The maximum storage capacity
  • Smooth Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Built-in GPS feature
  • Sharing and downloading video on your device

Features to Watch Out for in a Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Here are some of the features you should look for when choosing your lifestyle’s best motorcycle helmet camera.

  • Size and weight

Although it contains powerful technology, a helmet camera must not be significant because it could become a hazard to the rider’s safety. It also needs to be very light, so it won’t affect the balance or posture.

  • Image clarity

A lot of cameras will offer you 4 K video footage. It’s also best if it has a stabilization feature for smooth video footage and a wide-angle lens so that you can capture everything around you.

  • Mounting

The camera needs to be supplied with compatible accessories suitable for a helmet.

  • Battery life

Look for a camera powered by rechargeable batteries, which gives you a decent battery life of several hours.

  • Screen

The camera should include a built-in screen so you can immediately play-back footage in case of an emergency. A two-inch screen is usually the standard size for helmet cameras.

  • Sound

Sound quality is also essential, and many cameras have a built-in microphone.

  • Durable

If possible, choose the best motorcycle camera with a rugged and durable case that is entirely waterproof.

  • Operation

It is impossible to manually control a helmet camera as you are riding your motorbike. So you need one that is either voice-controlled, remote-controlled or has a one-touch operation. It is also useful to choose a quick device to set up, so you don’t have to waste time before starting your journey.

  • Storage

Look for a camera with the facility to store on an SD card or upload to cloud storage because the last thing you want is to run out of storage at a crucial moment. You may need to have a subscription to use cloud storage.

  • Sharing images

Many cameras will allow you to directly share to social media via an app on a smartphone or tablet. You can also edit footage at ease. Some cameras will need a WiFi connection to share pictures, while others have Bluetooth.

Benefits of Using Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

These pieces of equipment are more and more purchased by riders. We will present the main benefits of using a helmet camera:

  • Share your experiences

Suppose you have discovered a fantastic new route or scenery. In that case, you can share it with others easily by capturing your view of the road. Because many cameras allow you to share on social media in real-time, you can also broadcast live footage on social media and impress all your followers.

  • Training purposes

Suppose you are a competitive motorcyclist or just want to improve your skills. In that case, a helmet camera can be used to analyze your strategy and performance to improve it.

  • A keepsake

In case you are undertaking an exciting road trip, it is good to have a permanent reminder of how amazing your trip was. Depending on the camera, you can get GPS plug-ins, identifying where you were on your journey when the recording was taken.

  • Editing

If you are looking to make a vlog from your motorcycling, you can edit the footage into a high-quality, visually stunning video at ease.

  • Robust

The motorcycle helmet cameras are usually robust and waterproof so that they will function in all weather.

  • Convenience

With remote control features and voice control technology, you don’t have to stop your bike from capturing the footage that you want. You can grab the shots while on the move. Helmet cameras give excellent video footage and high-quality still photographs – they even feature burst photos, etc.

  • Legal and safety benefits

If you were involved in an accident or be witness aggressive behavior, you will have footage that will be crucial in any subsequent legal action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycle helmet cameras legal?

If you don’t want to break the law when you are riding your motorcycle, you need to know where the law stands on motorcycle helmet cameras. But this, unfortunately, isn’t that easy to find out.

There isn’t any specific law in the US that states that motorcycle helmet cameras are illegal. However, some laws are prohibiting the modification of motorcycle helmets.

Although this is only for safety reasons and is an entirely sensible approach. Any change that breaches the helmet’s ability to protect the rider’s head in a collision is a bad idea.

Most mountings for cameras are usually adhesive-based and do not interfere with the helmet’s integrity. If you have any doubts, it is good to check with your area’s road safety enforcement agencies.

How can I ensure that the camera doesn’t get damaged?

A helmet camera is usually a considerable investment. You need to make sure that it does not get damaged as soon as you start to use it. What you can do to protect it is to make sure that you buy a robust product.

A helmet-mounted camera should be waterproof in case it will be exposed to rain. If it doesn’t come with a waterproof case, you can always buy one. It also needs to be strongly constructed and encased in a robust case to protect all the delicate technology inside.

How can I mount a motorcycle helmet camera?

The camera will likely come with accessories and instructions on how to mount it properly. Most cameras can be fixed onto the helmet with the use of strong adhesive mounts.

They will not interfere with the way that the helmet works in any way. You will need to ensure that the helmet is clean for the adhesive to work correctly.

Take note of the instructions and the mounting guidelines provided by the manufacturer. You may need to set up the connection between the camera and the app on your smartphone.

Can 3M Tape Hold A Motorcycle Helmet Camera?

If you’re using the correct 3M tape, it should work fine because most action cameras use 3M products for adhesion. You can use automotive trim tape from 3M, such as their 4220 products, for the best results.

The automotive products are specially designed for heavy-duty use and should work well.

Can I use a car dashcam for my motorcycle?

One of the most significant issues in motorcyclists’ heads is the adaptability of dashcams used for cars on a motorcycle. Many dashcams can be used both ways, but it’s not recommended for you to try these things.

You should always consider that car dashcams are produced to be used inside a vehicle, which is not really the case with motorcycle dashcams. A wide array of things may cause issues when this type of product is used, for example, visibility or endurance in difficult weather conditions.

Another issue regarding non-adaptability is the smaller size of the helmet camera when compared to a car dashcam. Most buyers are looking for small and unnoticeable cameras that are discreet to use.

The motorcycle dashcam, designed to work on the outside, will be exposed to all kinds of bitter weather, heavy rain, or extreme heat. Vulnerability to weather conditions should be considered when looking for the most suitable camera.


A specialized helmet camera for motorcycles is a system with many advantages over GoPro and different types of action recorders. Let’s see some of them below:

  • You will never have to remember turning it on and off since most of them are automatic.
  • Most of them are packed with a rear camera, which will enable you capturing footage from behind, a feature very helpful for many unique situations
  • It won’t get overheated during the summer in comparison to GoPro cameras
  • The memory slot will never get full because it utilizes the “loop recording” feature, which will record 3-minute videos and will start recording over the oldest video files once the memory card is full

The majority of motorcycle helmet cameras cover a wider field of view with their lens angle, capturing a more significant part of the road’s front and back. It is crucial to emphasize that some dual motorcycle cams have a 170 degrees lens coverage, which will provide the rider with almost a 360 degree of coverage


When you talk about the best motorcycle helmet camera, it must offer your maximum convenience of recording video while you are on a journey. All the motorcycle cameras included in the list are capable of fulfilling your needs. They are durable, versatile, high-quality, and budget-friendly.

Our favorite motorcycle camera is none other than WonVon MT1. It transcends its competitors in various aspects and provides you with a reliable motorcycle helmet camera. We hope that you liked our list of the best motorcycle helmet cameras. Let us know what you think about the article as we really appreciate your feedback.

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